What to consider before buying a pergola cover?

There are a lot of different types of pergola covers, these covers are used to basically block sunlight and are available in different sizes and types which can depend on not only the location you want them installed in but the general climate a region.

Before buying a pergola cover, you need to make sure that you get a material which fits your local climate, with materials ranging from plastic, fiber glass, and aluminum to fabric cloth and , different whether conditions will generally affect the efficiency and requirement from region to region and person to person.

Another important thing to note is to get proper materials, if you’re going to be sitting outside the pergola structure covering material needs to be as “sun proof” as possible, letting in as little intense light as possible.

Not every kind of material will work for commercial awnings, most of the time there are special materials for this purpose which can be effective even if you let the sun shine on them directly all day long.

There is also the factor of cost, while most of the time, fiber covers will cost less than custom made fiberglass ones, you may want to balance your budget and requirements beforehand before purchasing a commercial awning.

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